Braeden Ethier

A Vancouver based videographer.

Empowering businesses through strategic storytelling.



Built With Science specializes in scientifically backed fitness programs that optimize results. This campaign was part of a series of testimonial ads with the goal of converting potential customers into buyers. The main strategy used was relatability; by highlighting key struggles, we were able to relate to the customer and push them further in the buying process.


Being able to film for the Dumont Foundation was very special to me as it’s founded by my close friend. We decided to create a longer video that could not only spread awareness but also tell their story. Through storytelling, we were able to capture the essence of why they started their foundation and its importance to the community.


This interactive ad was designed to match the simplicity and design of their brand image. During the pandemic, Purpose Smoothie’s was forced to adapt their marketing strategies and products. With their new to-go smoothie, it was essential to highlight the convenience of their product.

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