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discover what services and packages work best for you


A basic estimate is included with all packages! By understanding the critical elements of your shoot, we’ll develop the foundation of successful shoot.

We’ll work with  your budget and reach your goal!

Story and Scripts

Every shoot has it’s own unique demands. Do you need to develop a script for your shoot? If so, we’ve got you covered.

Shot Lists & storyboards

After we get a sense of the project and outline what needs to be shot, we’ll start talking shots.

This is where we can choose the visual style of your video.

Video Production

It’s time to put a plan into action – it’s time to shoot. 

Whether you have developed a project with us, or have an event you need shot out of the bag, we have the right skills and tools to get it done right.


Using Adobe Create Cloud, we’ll create your desired edit.

Here we can continue to discuss the use of music, transitions, timing, and other tools of the trade until your edit is locked.

We place our clients on Frame IO for easy viewing — opening the floor for notes on how to finesse the edit the way you want. 

Color Grading

Once you have an edit locked into place we can move onto color grading in Davinci Resolve to get the project colored the way you want.

Titles and Motion Graphics

Do you want motion to your graphics and titles? We can integrate basic titles and/or motion graphics to your video!



Once you have everything you need, we can export a final version.

Whatever format you need, we got you covered!


get started then customize



This is the basic ‘run & gun’ package without any additional services. With high-quality gear in hand, we can professionally shoot whatever you need.

  • Estimate & Outline
  • Shoot
  • Deliver ungraded files



The second tier is all about your look, style, and story. We develop your project, plan the shots and execute the plan, This streamlines your edit for more precision — from start to finish.

  • Estimate and Outline
  • Basic story / script
  • Shot list breakdown
  • Principal photography
  • Editing; basic sound & color
  • Fast Delivery



This is full access to all our services.  We’ll work with you to develop your story or brand along with a specific visual style, then execute principal photography with the goal of achieving an edit you’ll love. Speed and efficiency won’t compromise quality. 

  • Estimate and Outline.
  • Story and script revisions.
  • Shot list breakdowns.
  • Storyboards.
  • Principal photography with any needed technical additions.
  • Editing with advanced sound design & color grading.
  • Priority delivery.


Customize To Suit Your Needs

Please talk to us about your specific needs and we’ll work out a package that suites your budget. 

  • Do you want a longer video with the ability to cut shorter videos for social media? We can do that. 
  • Do you want an editorial documentary that showcases your story? We can do that.
  • Do you want multiple shoots and different clips that showcase your business in different ways? We can do that.

Integrated AI

Want to use AI in your video?

AI is being harnessed and utilized across most platforms and here at Vancouver Videographer we are constantly seeking to improve and harness AI to benefit our clients. 

Don’t hesitate to ask how AI can help your project.

AI was a part of our short film "SPIKED"


Yes. I have all the equipment I need to shoot solo. However, if we determine the budget has room for other technicians, we can accommodate your needs. The more people involved, the higher the quality/cost. 

We make videos for everyone and will work with every budget! We follow current industry trends and utilize established genres to tell captivating stories with powerful imagery. We make videos for events, artists, and/or individuals — as well as businesses / brands looking to market themselves online.

No! You don’t need to know what kind of video you want produced beforehand. All you need is the desire to make something we we can help you figure out the rest,

  • We use 4k Sony Cinema Line cameras.
  • We also use Sony Zoom and Prime lenses & Rokinon Cine lenses.
  • We also have all our own lighting, grip, and camera support equipment, including wireless video and focus if needed.
  • We can provide a list of all our gear and accessories as we discuss the scope of your project. 

Yes. Depending on the service and package you choose, the costs of our equipment will built into the quote. 

I have shot typical events like concerts and music festivals as a journalist. I’ve shot weddings, visual artists, dancers, and snow & skateboarders. Cheerleaders and Aussy Rules Football players. I’ve shot Theatre, and movies alike. Not to mention I am a seasoned, award winning filmmaker with a diverse background and skillsets who works professionally in Vancouver’s film & tv industry.