Our Story

is your story

I’m a professional videographer — but what does that mean?!

Anyone can shoot a video on their cellphone — but if you want the best framing, lighting, and cinematic movement you need to trust a pro.

I have a passion for cinema and I made that passion my career — I studied in university before working my way up professionally in film production with companies like Netflix, Discovery, and Warner Bros — all while asking: what makes great visual storytelling possible?

To master that question I undertook two university degrees; then worked as a videographer and writer, before jumping into professional film production in camera & lighting. I’ve read a lot of books and taken a lot of classes, but ultimately I’ve found my practical experience informs my cinematic insight while my education makes me a formidable storyteller. 

I’m an educated videographer with technical expertise – I do it all. 

So if you’re tired of other companies missing the mark and you need someone great to work with and record important moments; capture captivating visuals; or sell clients on critical business decisions – sure, you can do that with a cellphone or less talented outfit – but you should trust Vancouver Videographer instead.

When you hire me, you hire my knowledge and technical experience — and my experience compels me to discover, plan, and capture your video needs the best way possible. 

Drop me a line – I’d love to get started on your next video project.


Our Mission

It is our mission to create the best professional video for your business, your event, and you – every time.


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